Zombie mine - Survival Craft

Collect materials in the mine

Develop your city

Stop Zombie rush and survive

Zombie mine is a indie game that is a combination of strategy and role-playing games.

First of all, minerals and jewels are mined.

You can find lots of minerals and jewels In Mine

▪ Build your city

Build a house with materials from Zombie Mine to increase your population.

Residential house increases the worker.

Build a blacksmith shop, cement factory, steel factory etc.

The factory produces materials.

Construct and expand the city using the materials produced.

▪ Upgrade your skills.

You can build advanced factories by upgrading your skills.

You can create powerful weapons against zombies in Mine.

Build a defensive system in the city.

Zombie Wave is coming.

Protect your city from zombie waves.

▪ Make items

Zombie Mine becomes harder and zombie waves become more stronger.

Make items to target mines such as picks, drills, and long swords.

Defeat your enemies and acquire 13 artifacts.

Thirteen artifacts can escape humanity from zombies.

Start your adventure with Zombie Mine.

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