Shopping List

Shopping List

is small, simple and easy-to-use app for manage shopping list.

'On Head shopping list' is very

effective to systematic manage for

goods list that want to buy,

and that save you money

flowing easy and simple next step,

will save you money and time

first step,

add goods that you want to buy

with expected price(optional).

second step,

when you buy goods, put it into

the price

just, that's all

'move to On Head shopping list free download '

tell you that total amount of goods price, and you can save money

we make 'shopping list manager' that is simple, easy, but useful for saving shopping

'On Head shopping list'

have the following features

Only have single shopping list

have no category menu, because that we can use when, where is.

we remove other features that not need, like that shopping category.

we remain only just simple list.

Easy shopping list

We think that list have to easy to view and edit.

Saving shopping list do not view a complex informations to you.

Only tell you a few informations.

Goods that want to buy



Help your sensible shopping

On Head shopping list

help your sensible shopping by amount price

view that expect price and payed price,

you get help sensible shopping,

Shopping helper that will save you money

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