Virus zombie run - escape lab

Virus zombie Run - escape LAB

One zombie have escaped

Peoples infected with zombie virus 

Let’s run to escape from a zombie LAB 

Security LAB  located deep underground.

Every day, researcher created zombie

Zombie created, improved

But one day, researcher missed zombie !

Peoples so fast infected with zombie virus…

Now, you be faced with a zombie outbreak


Emergency escape system activated.

It is air bridge !

WOW, look at this 

many usable  equipment items in lab

Variety equipment items to escape in zombie lab

- How to play

    You can move to front by tab (just touch screen)

    You can move to side by drag

- Tip 


     Sometime, air bridge dropping to ground,

     Sometime, air bridge moving in side


Don’t stay long in one bridge

Zombie can smell you

The only way, run and jump 

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